This Dog Just Wants To Have Fun


Take a look at this bulldog. This dog definitely just wants to have some fun hanging ten. Most people identify skateboarding with a group of young dudes skateboarding through the skateboard park or down the sidewalk. Skateboarding is about the freedom to be who you are. Skateboarding is about adventure, fun, and showing the world just what you are able to do. Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog, takes skateboarding to another level all together.

A Real Charmer
This skateboarding fanatic is a real charmer that really knows his way around a skateboard on a cement surface or gliding on a wave at the beach. This pooch definitely has a few tricks up his sleeve. The dog skates, skims, and surfs like a real pro. Watch him in action, and I dare you to try the same cool moves too. This dog is very funny and inspiring. You simply have to check out this video and share it with friends and others online.

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