This Dog’s Best Friend Is A Soldier – And You Will Be Touched As You Watch Them Reunite


When one soldier connected with an animal overseas, he did not want to see that animal come to harm. So, when he left for home, he knew that he wanted to have the dog come there, too. And after some time, that was able to happen.
The dog was just a puppy when the soldier met him, but now he is a big dog. He grew up before the man’s eyes, and they became good friends overseas. So, when they were able to reunite and see each other again after some time apart, they were both very happy. You are going to be touched as you watch the video and see the two of them embracing after the time that they have spent apart. The dog seems to be just as happy about the reunion as the man, and you can see that they are best friends from their actions as the video shows them seeing each other again for the first time in a while.

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