This Monkey Has an Escape Plan


Monkeys are very intelligent animals, and they’ve even been known to try and outsmart humans. Whether they’re in the wild or in captivity, monkeys are expressive creatures who make no bones about communicating with people. Apparently, the little guy in this video has been paying attention to his handler, because he’s figured out a master escape plan! Now, if only the humans would cooperate and help him pull it off.

In this video, a man is visiting a monkey exhibit at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. A monkey starts gesturing to the man, and he quickly realizes what the monkey is telling him to do: release the latch on the enclosure so he can get out. The monkey motions, showing the man how to twist open the bolts as the human onlookers watch in amusement. While the monkey didn’t get to break free this time, he sure did win over the zoo’s visitors.

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