This Rescue Dog and a Boy Share an Amazing Bond


If you’re looking to bring an animal into your family, you should definitely consider getting a dog. They’re loyal, friendly, and most breeds pair especially well with children. One rescue dog came into a family to be a companion for a boy. They became so incredibly close that word spread about their bond far beyond their town. Click to find out more about this amazing animal story.

The seven year old boy suffers from Schwartz Jampel Syndrome, and so he gets a dog named Hatchi for comfort. The boy, Little B, and the dog become fast friends and the bond that they share helps ease the child’s pain and difficulties throughout his illness. As Little B loves Hatchi, the dog fiercely watches over him and keeps him company. This dog and boy’s story is so amazing that it was turned into a book. You won’t want to miss learning more about this heartwarming family.