Traumatized Puppy Makes A Quick Turnaround At The SPCA


We’ve seen representatives from different branches of the SPCA rescuing dogs time and time again. It’s a job that needs to be done and it’s nice to see someone doing it. But what happens after the dogs in question are taken to the SPCA? This is something we rarely see in videos. If you share the same thought, the following video is for you. In it, we see Coconut, a dog who’s owner must have been a real monster, learning to once again trust humans. While the woman working at the facility went so far as to admit she didn’t believe they could help Coconut fully recover from her traumatized state, the dog seems to be making about as much of a recovery as any dog could. In fact, three weeks was all it took for Coconut to go from being afraid of people to coming over to workers for a treat or even just to say hello. If you’re worried about dogs not getting love in the SPCA, think again.

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