Adorable French Bulldog Pup Makes the Leap of His Lifetime


This sweet dog wants to obey his owner’s wishes and jump to him but it is clear he is nervous! As his owner continues to encourage Rocky to jump, he rolls around and seems to highly resist the notion. Perhaps he is frightened and just a little bit lazy. As his owner continues calling him, he finally takes the plunge and jumps as hard as he can, flying into his owner’s waiting arms!

This joyful video will make you smile all day long. This fat little pup is so cute when he jumps, you will not be able to hold back the laughter. This is one of those videos you will have to watch a couple of times so you can keep enjoying it. What a cute little pup! The love between these two is something to behold. Finally, the little one makes his fabulous leap. When he does, you will want to shout and cheer for his bravery!

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