Watch this adorable kitten try to intimidate a toy!


It’s this super cute kitten’s first time ever seeing a ball, and he’s scared! Watch as he tries to scare the ball and intimidate it into going away, all the while pouncing and patting at the ball. It’s absolutely adorable the way the kitten goes into full on hunter mode with his back arched and hair standing on end – you’d think he was terrified!

He tries to attack the ball but he doesn’t have as much control as most elegant felines do and he falls over a lot. Sometimes he even does cute little flips over himself, like a clumsy acrobat. He’s so energetic and adorable that it’ll make you want a little kitten of your very own – be careful though, apparently they don’t like balls!

The owner of the kitten just watches and laughs for the whole video, and you will too! Who doesn’t like watching adorable, cute videos of the silly things that cats do?

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