When an animal is created


If you have read the bible and understand the beginning when it tells the tale of days and what God did on each of the seven days, you will understand this video. This video contains no music, and is not a video at all, although there are some slow-motion scenes of the one animal in the video. Instead it shows many different images of dogs, young and old all from different poses and areas. Along with the pictures is the voice of a man that is narrating the story of the dog and how he came to be, and why.

Taking the story and adding a ninth day, this man tells how on the 9th day God created a Dog. While it is satire and could offend some people, who take the bible vary literally, it is done in a comical way. It is told to show you how important a dog can be, how important a companion can be. The dog is the one animal that is loyal and kind, always being there for you no matter what. All it takes to keep them happy and loyal is to take care of them, show them kindness in return and love them as they are there to be your friend.