When the Going Gets Tough, Luther Hitches a Ride


Great Danes are a truly majestic animal, and they make awesome pets. They typically love being outside and exploring the outdoors, and you won’t find a better workout buddy than a Great Dane. In this clip, a big buy named Luther goes along with his owner for a ride when the animal suddenly stops. What happens next is so cute, you just have to watch the clip.

Luther is strolling alongside his owner’s bike, and the two seem to be having a great time on their cycling adventure. The animal is keeping pace with his owner, but after awhile he starts to slow down and comes to a stop. Luther looks at the wagon attached to his owner’s bike and figures he might as well hitch a ride instead of hoofing it! The animal hops into the wagon and his owner gets back to riding the trail — you can tell Luther is glad to catch a break. See this great dog in action in this funny video.

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