When This Filly Doesn’t Get Scratched, There’s Serious Trouble


One of the most clever and fascinating domesticated animals around is the horse. They can be quite entertaining to watch and are highly emotive, especially young ones. Something that horses tend to like a lot from their owners is light scratching. It’s a thing that’s popular in the animal world, but a certain filly likes to be scratched a bit too much. And if she doesn’t get her scratches, she will retaliate with a kick to the behind! You won’t want to miss this hilarious clip.

As the video starts, the filly is being scratched by her owner’s brother. He tries to stop so he can go on his way, but she keeps backing up to him so he can do it again. The scratching makes her feel happy and at ease, but the man apparently has other things he’d rather be doing. After having enough of playing along with the filly’s game, the man turns around and walks away from her. That was a bad move, as she quickly kicks him in the behind the get his attention and then turns so she can get scratched again. Fortunately the man wasn’t hurt, but the whole scene is funny. Click here to see this comical animal video.