White cat and kitten playing around


Shown here are a cute mother and kitten family of two that are playing around and having a good time with each other. They are Silver British cats and the mother is lounging on the couch while the kitten is wanting to play. As enthusiastic as it happens to be, it can’t quite reach mom, who keeps putting her paws on its head to keep it down. The kitten keeps trying though, showing all the energy that little kittens seem to have at that age.

After a little bit it goes off to play with a toy instead, and then grabs its attention back on mom once again. This time it makes a run for mom, again showing that enthusiastic spirit and spunk. This playful kitten sure doesn’t give up, and the mom seems to be enjoying the playfulness of her child as well. Towards the end of the video it seems that they are snuggling together as a final bit of play.

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