why the dog will always be man’s best friend. you ought to see this!!


I have always had this idea that the most intelligent animals are the pets, but never knew which one exactly was to take the lead in my list. The problem was that the cat and dog appeared to be having a tie in the skills they portrayed, making it difficult for me to elect one. However, this never went for a long time until I came across the following video on the internet, which made me choose the dog automatically to be the most intelligent animal.
In the clip, you can see a dog dancing merengue with the owner. Even though we have seen dogs do many other things that surprise us, this one took it to another level. Here is a dog that is dressed in a dancing costume and standing on its hind legs. As soon as the music starts, this pooch gets closer to the owner who seems to be inviting her for a dance. What happened next made melted my heart. What a perfect move from this four legged creature. I must confess that even if I take a full year practicing the merengue dance, I can’t reach that level. But what I loved most is when the song ends. The owner, together with the dog perform this one last….
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Social title: Dog was standing on her hind legs when music started. what happened next made me say OMG, involuntarily!!

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