This Woman Can’t Eat Her Salad In Peace With Her Pig Around


Some say not to feed your pets while you eat, less it induce a habit of begging for food – this woman didn’t listen. While eating her salad, this piggy begs for it’s owners salad whilst she eats, occasionally getting a piece for itself. As if simply staring at her owner from less than a foot away wasn’t enough, this pig knows how to get want it wants. Between it’s cute face and it’s tendency to rub up against it’s owner, it works puppy dog eyes that would put puppies to shame. It’s cute, it’s cuddly and it’s greedy – who ever said dogs had to be man’s best friend? We often think of pigs as sloppy farm animals, but, as you can see in this ridiculously cute video, pigs can have mannerisms not dissimilar to dogs when raised in the same manner – making pigs a more and more popular choice for new pet owners with each passing year.

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