Advertising can be a tough and difficult task. With so many products and advertisements flooding the market today, you need your advertisement to stand out by being unique and memorable. It seems that Three, a UK based company knows just how to get the attention of their audience. Their recent advertisment features a pony with more swag than any one of us! This pony, completely unfazed by the other animals watching, continues to strut his stuff all through the day. You can’t help but roll on the floor with laughter as you watch this adorable pony entertaining us for an entire minute. Of course, he stops for a second while the man in the tractor passes by, only to continue with his moonwalk.
Three’s tagline: Keep on Internetting seems to go perfectly with this advertisement as it states that the internet is for doing silly stuff. Because in the end, it really is the silly stuff that gets us laughing and appreciating life.